European Super League Redeux: You’re Taking the Piss

Pandemic life has felt like Groundhog Day for most of us, and that’s even without England’s so-called ‘elite’ clubs playing silly buggers (and ultimately being made to look like proper dickheads) for the second time since August.  For the second time in just over six months, football’s self-declared big boys have been caught with theirContinue reading “European Super League Redeux: You’re Taking the Piss”

So Near, So VAR: How Video Technology has Failed in British Football

In the immortal words of Heath Ledger’s Joker, ‘Here. We. Go.’ VAR, truly the Brexit of British football. I can already feel my two readers being divided on the issue. Nobody can sit on the fence with VAR; like Marmite, glee clubs, or Piers Morgan, it provokes strong emotions.  Personally, I think we should giveContinue reading “So Near, So VAR: How Video Technology has Failed in British Football”

The Future of Football

Now bear with me on this one because, and I apologise in advance, this is a post about football and lockdown. I know. We are all sick of hearing about lockdown and what is happening to football because of it, but…I have some thoughts. We now have a clearer picture of where we stand withContinue reading “The Future of Football”

The Footballing Elite

We’ve all been there. You leave the ground and either head home or to the pub, abuzz from a truly bum-clenching game of football. Dave turns to Steve, “They HAVE to be talking about that performance tomorrow.” Steve agrees: “Yeah, we might even be on early tonight on EFL on Quest!”  Later, you settle inContinue reading “The Footballing Elite”


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