Welcome to Eye On The Ball

Hello, I’m Mike. Welcome to my new blog where I bang on about sport (mostly football). I already know what you’re thinking: Mike, you mad bastard! This is a crazy time to start a blog about sport, there is none! (Or nearly none!) But that’s exactly why it’s a great time to start a blog. Quite simply, I love talking about football, and, with games on hold, football chat is in short supply. I live it and breathe it. My girlfriend has got to a point where she tells me, quite unreasonably, that she doesn’t want to hear anymore about whatever Ruben Neves has done, or how stunning Joao Mouthinho is (he really is). 

I might be a Wolves fan, but this is not a Wolves blog. Instead, I will be talking about the beautiful game. Or at least my opinion on bits of the beautiful game. Who knows, there may even be something about VAR. 

If you have any thoughts or would like to chat about football (please do; being the only sports fan in the house during lockdown is no joke), you can find me on Twitter. 

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Eye On The Ball

  1. Great idea, a footballing question related to wolves. Do you think traore will go? He was always inconsistent for villa and boro but seems to have found his form alas with you guys and even how to pass. What will he fetch value wise?

    Anyone interested in the UFC? How cool is the concept of fight island.

    Thank god football is coming back. Man city vs Arsenal is a quality fixture to start us off. Man City might get close to double figures


    1. Hey Rob, thanks for dropping by.

      I think its a good question. He has definitely improved a lot with Nuno’s guidance. I feel that the club want to continue to grow and keep their best players together. But on the other hand if someone offered you 50-60m for a player that would be hard to turn down. At the end of the day Fosun will be looking for returns in their investment.

      I don’t really follow UFC but the idea of fight island seems crazy. I suppose its a good way to keep the sport fresh.

      I am very happy football is coming back, keep an eye on the blog for my next post about this very thing!


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